For so many of us, our home is our biggest asset. So when selling a home in Mar Vista, we need to do everything we can to make sure that we are as prepared as possible for what could be the biggest financial transaction of our lives. What follows are some simple, effective and, relative to the amount of money ... More
The summer heat is here, and we’re loving the beautiful California sunshine that comes with it. Sometimes, however, those warm days can become insufferably hot. With temperatures regularly crossing the triple-digit marker, even the coolest of heads may find themselves getting a little hot under the collar. For those of us with homes for sale, it can be tough to ... More
You’ve probably been hearing about the importance of saving energy your whole life. And once you start paying your own bills it becomes much more of a priority. The bigger the house, the bigger the energy bill. There isn’t much you can do to change this, but there are many things you can do to mitigate it. It’s 2018, and ... More
Everyone wants to make a statement about themselves. The best way you can make a statement is with your home, and the easiest way is with interior paint. 2017 had tropical colors like green, as well as warm neutrals, and sophisticated caramel accents were popular as well. You’re looking at edgier colors this year though. Staying with the latest color ... More
It’s a very exciting time when people move into their new home. From the moment you purchase one of the beautiful homes for sale from your realtor, to the moment you finish moving in and call your new piece of real estate ‘home’. For many people, part of moving also involves moving your four-legged friends. Some pets may have a ... More
In the ever-changing fashion world, it’s shocking to see design styles like Shabby Chic stay popular for as long as they have. Clearly, there are good reasons for it to stay in style. You can make any house feel like home using shabby chic design elements. Your realtor will tell you, if you’ve got your home for sale, it’s important ... More
While the drought in our state recedes, it hasn’t disappeared yet. After all these years of hearing about it, people are looking for drought tolerant landscapes. People even say that brown is the new green. But, you can’t just leave your lawn to wither and die. Before, you could add to your property value by tending beautiful green lawns. No ... More
With your new home, you get to enjoy one of the most exciting benefits of home ownership: hosting family and friends for your holiday dinners! Now that you’ve gotten through the holidays, you may have seen some of the challenges as well as the joys. Here you’ll read some tips to make your next hosting a time no one will ... More
If you’re a parent, you’re going to want your children to go to the best schools. Your realtor probably showed you homes for sale based on school ratings. If you’re not a parent, you might not think schools matter to you. But eventually you’re going to be selling your home, and parents might be buying it. No matter who you are, ... More
It used to be if you’re selling your house you needed to hide your pets. Your realtor would tell you that signs of your pet could turn off potential buyers. No one has figured out exactly why people are becoming friendlier to pet-friendly homes, but they definitely are. One of the reasons your fluffy companion can help you sell your ... More
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