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We believe in helping homeowners get more equity out of their home. We believe in a good and honest return on an investment. In addition, we believe in helping homeowners with distressed properties make a clean all cash sale of their property. We believe the Mar Vista Real Estate market is a perfect area to capitalize on the rehab/flip market. However, many homeowners don’t have the means, expertise, and time to project manage a mid-size to large scale remodel. We have a proven solution that rewards the homeowner, investor, and maintains Mar Vista’s charm.

George Chung uses his 30+ years of Mar Vista real estate experience and in-depth Mar Vista housing market knowledge to help homeowners and investors receive better rates of return more safely than alternative real estate investing options. He is the only real estate agent to door knock over 1 million homes in Mar Vista. George knows each street in Mar Vista as personally as the homeowners who recognize him on a first name basis. This high touch approach allows George to see crucial aspects of a home’s potential value and forecast trends in the Mar Vista real estate market. George’s rehab/ flip expertise and comprehensive Mar Vista real estate market expertise benefit homeowners and investors looking for a larger return on investment compared to traditional real estate transactions.

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In 1979 George Chun was out walking our neighborhood, knocking on doors, talking to families about selling their homes. He came to our house, my parents had been talking about selling our house and moving to Northern California. My parents felt so comforable with him that they listed our house for $179,000. We needed a few weeks to get the house ready to show. By the time the house was ready to go on the market he had a buyer! The first family that came and looked at our house put an offer and it was SOLD, in less than a day! Our house was his first dual sale or "double double" as he called it. (He represented both the buyer and the seller.) My dad ran into him 33 years later, George was still walking neighborhoods, knocking on doors. He knocked on my Aunt and Uncles door, my dad heard his name and reintroduced himself. George remembered him and spoke with him about our old house and all the remodles that have gone on. We are thankful that we were lucky enough to work with George and that we got to rekindle our friendship.

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