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Video Walkthrough ImageHave you been interested in a home and liked what you saw in the pictures, but when you took the time to see the home in-person, the entire house seemed different? This is very common. We have a solution. On our new website, we are featuring videos that will walk you through the home’s interior, exterior, and key features that make the home distinctive.

We decided to use videos to connect with people in a more meaningful way. Our approach using video enables viewers to have a unique experience of seeing the home’s features with realism and a little more entertainment than viewing pictures from an MLS list. Viewers will be able to truly see the home, its appeal, and the possibilities of making it their own home. Taking this step further, viewers can post and share comments about the video on our website or social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. Check out the videos on our new website. We would love to hear your feedback.

George Chung Realtors loves Social Media! It extends the revolutional nature of the internet. We are excited about it too. Connect with us on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, and more! We will be posting pictures and sharing latest news on homes in the 90066. If you are interested in all things real estate and Mar Vista, follow George Chung Realtors.

George Chung Realtors is embracing technology to deliver a unique and deeper connection to Mar Vista. We want to connect with homeowners, agents, buyers, and brokers in a meaningful way. We want to make our local knowledge and community intelligence more readily accessible to you. We want to share this expertise and combine it in a way that delivers a thoughtful and versatile experience. Visit our new website and tell us what you think.

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In 1979 George Chun was out walking our neighborhood, knocking on doors, talking to families about selling their homes. He came to our house, my parents had been talking about selling our house and moving to Northern California. My parents felt so comforable with him that they listed our house for $179,000. We needed a few weeks to get the house ready to show. By the time the house was ready to go on the market he had a buyer! The first family that came and looked at our house put an offer and it was SOLD, in less than a day! Our house was his first dual sale or "double double" as he called it. (He represented both the buyer and the seller.) My dad ran into him 33 years later, George was still walking neighborhoods, knocking on doors. He knocked on my Aunt and Uncles door, my dad heard his name and reintroduced himself. George remembered him and spoke with him about our old house and all the remodles that have gone on. We are thankful that we were lucky enough to work with George and that we got to rekindle our friendship.

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