George Chung represented my ex-wife and I both when we initially bought our house in the Mar Vista area of Los Angeles, CA and when we sold it many years later. When we bought our house, the property was initially for sale and then pulled off of the market. We had really wanted that property even as we continued to look for a house. The property eventually entered foreclosure and George called us immediately and advised us on what we might offer. The bank got three offers but they only came back to us and we got the house. George was very helpful and a very good negotiator.
Many years later when we sold the house, it was during a down real estate market and George really helped to get us a very good price in spite of the market conditions. He knows the market on the West Side of Los Angeles very, very well. He was always very responsive and professional. If you are in the market for a house on the West Side of Los Angeles, I would recommend George. He did a great job for us.

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We picked George Chung and his team to sell our mom's house because George has been a very visible figure in the Mar Vista area. He has been in the area for over 30 years and makes it a point to walk the neighborhood and meet as many of us as possible. When our mom passed away we went to see George and signed a contract for him to sell her house. We had a special request. Our family needed time to go though all of the treasures that mom had accumulated and we did not want to be pressured during this time. George promised that he would work in the background getting ready to sell the house but that he would give us the time we needed. It took us three months to go through everything and during that time George kept his promise. He went into full gear only after we called him and told him we were ready. We were really grateful for the sensitivity and respect that George showed us. He told us just what we needed to do to get the house ready for selling. He and his team did a great job selling the house. He negotiated a great price and always put our best interest first. He and his team were in constant contact with us so we were aware what was happening at all times. His excellent negotiating skills were quite evident during this process. We highly recommend George and his team.

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My mom chose George Chung to sell her house after my dad passed away. She had known George for years talking with him when he would come by. When I contacted him, he immediately set up a meeting and was so gracious to my mom and myself. He took the time to sit with her and find out her desires in selling the house and kept in mind that they had lived they for 60 years. He actually helped me gather up some of the precious pieces of memories to bring her before he listed the house. George and his team were always on top of things and kept us aware of all that was going on. Communication was constant and I was always able to contact someone if we had a question. I had no doubt whatsoever that George had my mom's best interest at heart and that he could be trusted. When we had offers, George explained everything to my mom with patience and compassion so she could understand all details and always gave her respect and his honest opinion. George got the house sold in 3 weeks and got us a great price. He even delivered a few pieces of furniture to my son as a favor. George Chung is a professional for sure and has a kind heart as well. I would recommend George Chung to anyone with no hestitation.

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In 1979 George Chun was out walking our neighborhood, knocking on doors, talking to families about selling their homes. He came to our house, my parents had been talking about selling our house and moving to Northern California. My parents felt so comforable with him that they listed our house for $179,000. We needed a few weeks to get the house ready to show. By the time the house was ready to go on the market he had a buyer! The first family that came and looked at our house put an offer and it was SOLD, in less than a day! Our house was his first dual sale or "double double" as he called it. (He represented both the buyer and the seller.) My dad ran into him 33 years later, George was still walking neighborhoods, knocking on doors. He knocked on my Aunt and Uncles door, my dad heard his name and reintroduced himself. George remembered him and spoke with him about our old house and all the remodles that have gone on. We are thankful that we were lucky enough to work with George and that we got to rekindle our friendship.

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I am proud of myself to be the first home buying customer to George Chung Realty. located at 3487 Beethoven St, City of Los Angeles, California, 90066, U.S.A My wife called George Chung Realty Office some time in afternoon on June 4th, 1979 and negotiations continued until midnight on that day, Deposit Receipt and purchase agreement indicate, the interest rate was 12% for 30 years fixed loan, at that time, high rate !!! The Mutual Escrow Company, located on 2346 Westwood Blbd, LA, Ca 90064 opened our escrow on June 5th, 1979, Thereafter 21 days later , We become home owner through services of George Chung Realty We are very grateful to Mr. George Chung for his profound knowledge of Real Estate Profession ever since. ViVa, Long Live, Mr. George Chung, You are a proud Korean American, success story of second generation of Korean America in U.S.A

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George provided excellent and professional service in selling our house with an acceptable price and in a timely manner in spite of the difficulties of our need of a very long escrow period. Would highly recommend him.

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I was selling my family house in WLA. It took about a month to interview some of the top agents in the area. I narrowed it down to two real estate agents and after three more interviews with each, I chose George Chung. It was the right choice. There were several reasons I decided on George. I loved the fact that he owned his agency, he could answer every question I had and make a deal without going back to someone else for approval. Dealing with the owner of the agency seems to save time and energy. Also, I was impressed on how well he knew the area and most importantly, how many contacts George had in his 30 plus years being a real estate agent. George Chung has been a pleasure to work with. Very professional and always there to answer my questions. As far as results, George had one open house and had over 100 people show up on a holiday weekend and the house sold that day for more than we asked for. I am very happy with George Chung and highly recommend him.

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George Chung has been my realtor since 1982. During that period he has sold 4 houses and 4 vacant lots for me. Not only was he the ultimate professional but I now consider him my friend. His knowledge of the area, and the changing real estate laws were instrumental in the last two lot sales which could easily have never happened. I highly recommend George with no reservations.

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George Chung is, by any measure, the most knowledgeable and most professional real estate broker in the Mar Vista, Marina del Rey, West L.A. area. I have known George for over 30 years. During that time he helped me buy, sell and rent houses in Mar Vista. But, as they say, there's a lot more. In May of this year, George helped me with my recently deceased father's house on Greenwood Ave. George conducted a comprehensive evaluation of my father's home and within 24 hours provided us with a detailed, written Broker's Opinion of Value. Because of George's well-known expertise in the area and his longstanding reputation, his valuation was readily accepted as fair and accurate by the heirs and the estate was wrapped up quickly and to everyone's satisfaction. Besides providing the utmost professional services, George is a great neighbor who is widely known and liked in the area--always with a smile and a great willingness to help in any possible way. I absolutely recommend George Chung to anyone needing a true real estate professional.

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I lived in Mar Vista for 18 years and I knew that when I sold my house, I would list it with George Chung. I was confident that he would do a great job and he did! I always enjoyed his visits when he would come by and bring me his newsletter and we'd chat about what was going on in the neighborhood. He knows everything about 90066 and I relied on his expertise to properly market my property and marshal us through the escrow process. There is no substitute for George's education (UCLA MBA - Go Bruins!), 35 years of experience in this market and tireless dedication to the real estate profession. I am a real estate licensee myself and I must say that he's one of the best in the business and I only wanted the best to sell my house. Cho Laureau did a great job organizing the myriad details of the transaction with charm and graciousness. I am grateful to George, Cho and the rest of the team who helped my husband and I achieve our real estate goals. If you are thinking about making a move, CALL GEORGE!

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My experience with George Chung Realtors was amazing. George Chung and Cho Lareau are true professionals with years of experience on the Westside. They truly understood what we were looking for in a new home and encouraged us to be patient, even though at times we wanted to be impatient. George and Cho guided us through every step of the way. They made everything very easy and convenient, we were in constant touch by way of meetings and emails. They were very straight forward and there were no surprises. George and Cho have a strong commitment to their community and I would like to commend them on the fact that they showed accountability in their dealings with us. Thank You. -C.Billot.

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