Being Neighborly

While George’s experience and accomplishments can accurately be described as elite, one of the foundational elements of his success is actually quite humble: knocking on doors. If you live in Mar Vista this will not come as a surprise, because you’ve no doubt seen him make his way down every street and up every front step. Once a month, for the last 40 years, George has knocked on every door in Mar Vista.

MLS reports and data from the County Assessor and Registrar’s Offices can be quite informative, but there is no better way to get a clear sense of how a neighborhood is changing than by walking through it and developing friendships on just about every block.

George loves meeting his neighbors

George receiving an award for knocking on his one millionth door.

The Pulse of Mar Vista

Having such an up-close perspective makes George even more effective at helping neighbors sell their homes because he’s already seen the home that’s about to be put on the market. In several cases, he’s sold the same home multiple times –He’s sold some homes as many as four times. His grasp of the history of a home, it’s current condition, and understanding its potential gives his clients an immediate advantage whenever they decide that the time is right to sell their home.

Because George has been walking the streets of Mar Vista for so long, he knows the neighborhood from the street level. His decades of foot travel have given him a deep understanding of the intricacies of the roads, yards, and homes. He takes this understanding and uses it to improve the area as much as he can. If he sees something awry, you can be sure that he does something bout it. He goes out of his way to help the residents of 90066 in ways that other real estate agents can’t fathom.

A Good Friend

George particularly enjoys welcoming new residents to Mar Vista and offering his insight and recommendations for all of the fun and rewarding things to do here. It can take some time to get acclimated after moving into a new part of town. If you’re lucky enough to move here, George will help you hit the ground running by sharing not just his thoughts on what might be the best restaurant, hardware store or coffee shop for you, but also schools, health clinics and other community organizations.

His Trendsetters email newsletter is also a great resource for anyone living in Mar Vista. He has been passing it out since 1995. Unlike other realtors, when George pays a neighborly visit in the 90066, most people greet him emphatically. To the long-time residents of Mar Vista, George is more than a realtor. He is a friend, a leader, and a benevolent force in the community.

In order to make it easier for other real estate professionals to serve their neighborhoods better, George is even developing a smart phone app to help organize door knocking. If you see him out making his rounds, don’t hesitate to say hello!

Unlike other realtors, people love George