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George has used his experience selling 2,200 homes to create a helpful guide to assist you on your home sale. In the guide you’ll learn:

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  • And much more

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He’s Spent 40 Years As A Realtor In Mar Vista Getting To Know His Neighbors

Four Decades of 90066
George Chung has been knocking on the doors of Mar Vista homes for 40 years. In that time he has knocked on over 1 million doors! In fact, he even received an award for his efforts. But why does he do it? Is it just to find homes to sell? Not at all…
Won't You Be My Neighbor?

Almost everybody in Mar Vista knows George. He takes pride in being called the “Mayor of Mar Vista”. Other real estate agents knock on doors and pass out business cards or flyers. George passes out his newsletter, “Trendsetters”, to help inform, stay in touch, and offer help to his community.

Friendly in Mar Vista

George proudly claims: “People know me. They see me coming and say ‘Hi George, how have you been?’ I have the neighborhood memorized after 4 decades of neighborly visits. I know who prefers I drop off my newsletter in the mail slot and not disturb them. I know nearly everybody who lives in each home. Mar Vista is a fantastic family-oriented community”.

I Know You George

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Get a highly accurate assessment of your home – not a ballpark estimate!

Using his 43 years experience selling homes in Mar Vista, George will personally review the home information you send and will provide you with a highly accurate estimate.

Delighted Families Who Chose George To Sell Their Homes…

3634 Wade Street, Mar Vista 90066

3525 Barry Avenue, Mar Vista 90066

3214 Stoner Avenue, Mar Vista 90066

3656 Stoner Avenue, Mar Vista 90066

Happy folks he’s helped!

I’ve known George Chung as a Mar Vista real estate agent for decades over the last 27 years when we purchased our Mar Vista Woods home with his agency in 1990. He is one of the few real estate agents that comes by my home and he personally shares his Trendsetter newsletter several times a year.

We highly recommended George Chung to our daughter and son-in-law to work with, and within a couple days, they went into escrow with one of his brand new listings which was not yet on the MLS. They were very very happy with the transaction and the purchase of their home with George’s help.

Our experience with George is that he has outstanding experience, knowledge, and caring for his clients. He was personally available whenever we wanted to contact him. I especially like his mission statement and his 5 Core Values.

D and R Stein

A few years ago I sold my house in the Mar Vista Area (LA 90066).

Fortunately for me, I knew George Chung as he is a familiar and friendly fixture in our neighborhood.

Once you meet George, he’s hard to forget. Although don’t let his contagious smile and sunny personality fool you: George is the ultimate professional and guided my wife and I throughout the process. He is astute and knowledgeable and we highly recommend him.

Thank you George!

Gino Campagna

I’ve had the pleasure of working with George on several real estate development deals, and I’m very much appreciative of his efforts.

Thank you for all your hard work!

Jay L.

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