There Is No One Like George

George would rather do just about anything than talk about himself. So, while he is out canvassing the neighborhood or volunteering at Walgrove Elementary’s Studio Lab, we – his coworkers at George Chung Realtors, have taken it upon ourselves to tell you a little bit about him.

It is quite apparent that George has accomplished an enormous amount in real estate. If you happen to know a little bit about his formative years this is not a surprise. From a very early age, George found true joy in figuring out ways to design plans that would take him over, around and, if needed, through any obstacle in his path.

What is most impressive about George is his kind wisdom. When you speak with him, you get an immediate and powerful sense of a person who has been around a long time and learned many lessons. Call him an old soul if you will. And George is quick to gently point out lessons he has learned in a helpful way. He is incredibly likable, and his energy is not only palpable, but truly extraordinary and unique. You just can’t help leaving a conversation with George motivated and inspired.

George with the kids at Walgrove Elementary’s Studio Lab

George’s UCLA college diploma

George credits his parents with instilling in him the understanding that there is no limit to what can be accomplished if one is willing to work hard enough for it. As a middle-schooler, George pursued mathematics and martial arts with equal rigor. And while the Math Cup trophy he won in 8th Grade or the black belt he earned in Tang Soo Doo are rarely on display in the midst of a negotiation, the discipline and preparation that resulted in them always are.

George graduated from UCLA with a BS in Engineering and, a few years later, an MBA. While still an undergrad, George decided that he didn’t want his parents, still living in Korea, to have to support him. He took on various jobs but there was one job in particular that, somewhat circuitously, led to his career in real estate. George began to get work as an extra in movies and television shows to pay for tuition, room and board but soon discovered that he could fine tune it to pay him more money for less work. Noticing these types of opportunities, then executing them is what sets George apart in everything he does.


By the time George finished grad school, he was doing well enough as an actor that he had more immediate opportunities in acting than by using his MBA. So he pursued acting. But when he wasn’t working on classic TV shows like MASH or Streets of San Francisco, he was learning more and more about real estate.

It didn’t take long for him to realize that the skills he had developed studying engineering, getting an MBA, earning a black belt in martial arts and communicating while on set gave him a tremendous advantage in real estate. His engineering background made it easy for him to understand the strengths and weaknesses of a home’s construction. His MBA and math skills gave him the confidence to create innovative ways to buy and sell when the housing market underwent change. And the discipline that allowed him to attain a black belt served him well when he needed to put his head down and makes hundreds of calls a day. By 1986, less than ten years after he opened his own firm, George was the biggest seller of homes in Mar Vista.

George with Robert Conrad on the set of Black Sheep Squadron

George and his wife Cho at their office in Mar Vista

Regardless of how many thousands of times he’s done this, what keeps George motivated and focused after 40 years is simple. He never takes for granted that selling a home is often the biggest transaction of his clients’ lives. George has dealt with every possible challenge and obstacle which can arise during this process and considers it a privilege to apply his lifetime of experience, relationships and foresight to overcome them on behalf of his clients and their families.

George runs his business out of a home he owns on Beethoven Street in Mar Vista. He feels that it makes him fit in with the community more seamlessly. Anybody is welcome to stop by and say hello, talk about homes, or the community. Provided, of course, that George is not out door knocking, saying hello to his neighbors, and passing out his “Trendsetters” newsletter.

George lives in Mar Vista with his wife and business partner Cho Lareau. On just about any given day you can find them working in their office located on Beethoven Street in Mar Vista. Feel free to stop in any time with any questions or just to say hello.