When you walk into a well-designed living room, you take notice. There’s a reason that realtors often hire professional home stagers to get that perfect look. Whether you’re selling a home, or you just want to make a great impression, the tips you’ll learn here will help you make a bold statement with your living room design.


Arrange Rugs in Relation to Your Furniture

There are three ways to arrange furniture with your rug. All on, all off, or front on. If you’ve got a large rug, all on is your best bet. When you put your furniture entirely on your rug with a little bit extending out the back, it makes the room feel luxurious. Keep about a foot of rug showing up behind your furniture on all four sides.


If your room is small, you can choose a smaller rug and keep all the legs of your furniture off your rug. This is a great choice if you’re trying to maximize your cost-effectiveness. Be careful not to pick a rug that is too small, you don’t want it looking like an afterthought, or insignificant. Make your rug look like it could be touching the front legs of each of your pieces of furniture.


Another option, for large or small rooms is to put just the front seats of your furniture on your rug. When your furniture is just on top of your rug it will make your room appear tied together, as well as well-defined. Having a well-defined, but spacious feel in your room is a huge bonus if you’re selling a home.


Decide on a Focal Point for Your Room

Just like in the movies, your design is going to have leading roles and supporting cast. You don’t want to make all your design elements the leads, or you’ll create chaos. Some good ideas for focal points are things like a mantel over your fireplace, maybe with an art piece on top. Or perhaps a hanging light over your coffee table. Creating a central point in your living room draws the eyes directly to it, letting all your other design elements enhance your design, rather than distract from it. If you’re selling a home, you will want to draw your prospective buyers’ eyes to the most attractive part of the room.


Use Items of Different Sizes

A good way you can create an interesting contrast design is by matching items of different sizes. Perhaps a large painting with small design elements on the mantel below it. Or a grouping of small pictures next to a large one. Your possibilities are endless.


Space Out Your Furniture

When it comes to making your space as impactful as possible, less is more, as cliché as that sounds. Your living room’s graceful design means space to move around easily. This works out well if you’re designing with a budget. Consequently, you don’t need to buy as many pieces of furniture. Instead, spend more money on each piece of furniture, but don’t buy as many pieces of furniture. Especially if you’re selling a home, creating a spacious environment is important.


Whether you’re trying to sell a home, or trying to make a statement with your living room, there aren’t any hard rules for design. You’ll have to use your creativity and let your personality speak through the room. If your house is one of the Mar Vista homes for sale, George Chung Realtors will work for you. Call (310) 391-6346 to have all your questions answered.