As the new year continues to unfold before us, it’s time to take a look at some of the emerging housing trends for 2017. Especially if you’re selling a home, you will want your house to look its best on the outside and on the inside.  Many Mar Vista realtors with experience in home selling agree that the cleaner and trendier a home looks on the inside, the better chance it has of selling on the market.


Here are 5 home decorating trends that top fashionistas predict will take over in 2017. There are also 3 home fashion trends that are definitely going out the window. How many of these will you use to get your home trendy for the new year?


IN: Color, Color, Color!

Say good bye to boring beige and grossly uninspiring grays. The new trend calls for bright, bold, and beautiful colors. You can use pops of color on white to spruce up any room in your home. Some great trendy choices are pink, emerald green, coral, and teal. You can pick your favorite color, and use a complimentary color to accent the baseboards.


OUT: All White Rooms

Immaculately white rooms looked good a few years ago, when clean, sharp lines were in season. But now that the trend has softened, those harsh all white rooms have become less of a trend and more like a hospital room. So grab yourself a paint bucket and brush and put some color on those walls.


IN: Designer Wallpaper

The hottest trend in 2017 is the re-emergence of fashion wallpaper. The best part is that you don’t have to wallpaper the entire room. You can create an accent wall with your wallpaper, and use a complimentary color paint on the other 3 walls. Note sure of a pattern? Try a custom one from one of many custom wallpaper manufacturers online and create your own trendy wallpaper.


IN: Fresh Flowers

Silk flowers had their day, but the trend is going back to mother nature. Today’s home have plenty of fresh flowers placed in the living room, dining room, and bathroom. The flowers help to add a look of freshness to each room. Plus, bright and colorful flowers adds not only elegance but also a touch of beauty to every room. Pick brightly colored flowers that compliment the color of your room.


OUT: DIY Home Decorations

A DIY project can be the perfect way to spend an afternoon with your children. But when your home starts to look more like MacGuyver’s house than a modern home, it may be too much. Especially if you are selling a home, you want your home to look more put together, and less like a DIY project. Of course, you children’s pictures are probably the most precious items to hang throughout your house. But DIY crafts that look more like toys than decorations aren’t a part of the modern home.


IN: Artisan Crafts

One of the biggest shifts in 2017 is the return of crafts created by highly skilled professionals. Look for hand blown art glass and glass vases, and beautifully rendered paintings adorning the modern home. Be especially mindful of clutter. Accumulating too many things can make a large house seem smaller. Minimize the amount of stuff, while maximizing its value in your home.


OUT: Linoleum flooring

Linoleum floors were an inexpensive way to add a polished look to rooms in the house. They were easy to install and looked good, especially when selling a home. Unfortunately, this trend hit its floor in 2017. More people are replacing their linoleum flooring for other options more than ever. So maybe if you have linoleum flooring still lingering in your house, now is a good time to look into other options that will floor you.


IN: Heated Hard Wood Flooring

One of the hottest (pardon the pun) trends for 2017 is heated wooden floors. Most people love the look of wooden floors, but dread crossing the cold wood floors barefoot in the morning on cold days. With heated wood flooring, there are heating elements placed under the floorboards. They are activated by a touch panel, or integrated into smart home technology. This way, even on the coldest of mornings, you can step out and enjoy beautiful wooden floors without freezing your feet.

So these are the hot trends for the upcoming year. Try a few of these trends for your home, and get your home up to date for 2017. And for those looking to use these trends to spruce up for selling a home, you can always look to your Mar Vista real estate experts at George Chung Realtors.