So you finally did it. You’ve finished buying a home. You watched your realtor take down the for-sale sign in the yard, and you’ve put your boxes in the house. What do you do next?

Moving into a new neighborhood is arguably a lot like when you moved to a new school as a kid. You’re going to see these people all the time, but you only have so much time to make your first impression. It’s hard to know where to start when you move into your new neighborhood.

Fortunately, you don’t just have that first time to make your impression. If you just moved, or you’re getting ready to move, these tips and bits of advice will help you take the intimidation and guesswork out of meeting your neighbors.


Take Note of Popular Public Places in Your Neighborhood

You might see people at a park down the street, or perhaps you’ve got a tennis court in your neighborhood. Look out for places you can regularly find people, and consider spending some if your leisure time there. You could read a book at the park for example. Once you’ve put yourself where your neighbors are, you’ll find it easy for you to start conversations and get to know your neighbors.

Say Hi to Your Neighbors on Your First Day

After you’ve moved that last box into your house all you want to do is relax. However, if you see someone out with their kids, or tending their garden, or walking their dogs, this is a good time to take the initiative and say hello. If you’re busy hauling boxes, make sure you wave or give a smile. Even though you’re tired, you want your neighbors to know the person buying a home in their neighborhood is friendly.


Plan to Explore Your Neighborhood and Community

This tip is a great way for you to get your exercise in with morning or evening walks. These walks are great for your health, and a good way to meet your neighbors and make new friends. While you’re walking, ask neighbors questions like where the best local restaurant is. If you’ve got a dog, you can ask for directions to the nearest dog park. Your neighbors are also a good source for you to discover community events. Even something as simple as asking about the garbage schedule is a good way you can break the ice. If you’re a baker or a cook, bringing around your fresh cookies or casseroles is a great way to make new friends.

Look for Common Interests

When you’re talking to your neighbor, ask them about the things they like. People like to share, this will provide a bit of insight into things you may have in common. If you have kids the same age as a neighbor, you can set up playdates. Finding things in common with your neighbors is key to making friends after buying a home.

If your neighbor seems to be an avid gardener, they’ll appreciate if you notice. The same for that sweet muscle car in the driveway. Your interest in their interests will go a long way to making friends.

These tips will help you smooth your transition into your new neighborhood, and make you more approachable.

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