Selling your home is a huge decision. There’s a lot of money on the line and you want to get as much as you can. The first decision you’ll make to get the most out of your home sale is choosing a realtor. Yes, you could sell your home without a real estate agent, but that’s usually a mistake. There are tons of reasons to use a realtor when you sell your home. However, you can’t just hire any old real estate agent. You need to hire a good one.

So, the trick is making sure that you’ve chosen the right realtor for the job. A good realtor will be a guide, helping you navigate the often-confusing waters of home sales. Because a good realtor is multi-faceted, there are several areas of expertise that you’re going to want to check.

A Good Realtor is a Good Communicator

Once you’ve found a potential realtor or two, send them emails or call their office. The first test has begun. If they don’t get back to you that same day, you’ve got your first red flag. If your real estate agent takes their time to get back to you, you’re going to have to worry if they’ll be slow to respond to offers. The last thing you want is to wonder where your agent is, and when they’ll get back to you when something like a problem with the home inspection comes up.

A Good Realtor Has Experience, and Numbers To Back It Up

You want a realtor who’s been around the block, with sales to show for it. When you’re talking to prospective listing agents, remember that this is a job interview. You’ll lead with the tough questions right out of the gate. If your agent is good, they’ll know their stats. If your agent tries to avoid giving a hard answer, that’s a big red flag.  This is a good list of questions to ask about their experience and stats:

  • How long have you been in business? This is an important question, because it takes time and experience to really learn the art of selling homes.
  • How many sales did you make last year? This one is obvious. The bigger the number, the better they are at selling homes.
  • What percentage of your listings do you sell? Like the previous question, this one is important because you don’t want a realtor who takes listings and then fails to sell them.
  • What is the average difference between list price and actual sale price for the homes you’ve sold? This one is a little less stable, because there are a lot of outside influences, like changes in the market, that will affect it. Even so, if the difference is big, that’s a red flag.
  • What kind of ties do you have to the community? This one is a lot less obvious, but you want a realtor who knows your area. The better they know the community, the better they’ll know how to sell your house.

A Good Realtor Knows Marketing

It doesn’t matter what you’re selling, the trick to selling quickly is to get it in front of as many possible buyers as possible. This applies to home sales as well. Use these questions to find out if the realtor is good at selling homes:

  • What will you do to market my home? Any real estate agent worth their salt will use a good brokerage website to show off your listing, national portals, and they should have an email list as well.
  • What do you do on social media? Facebook and Twitter are necessary these days. If you want to reach the right group, you’ll find them on Facebook and Twitter. If they do more than that, and can give you a plan, that’s a good sign.
  • What will you do to market my home offline? Even though most marketing has moved to the internet these days, a dedicated realtor will still use real world methods like fliers, yard signs, and brochures.
  • How much do you spend on advertising? Getting a solid figure here is important. Keep asking and rephrasing the question until you get a number. While costs vary from area to area, a realtor should be spending part of their business expenses on advertising. Getting a set number can tell you if that’s happening or not.


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