Everyone wants to make a statement about themselves. The best way you can make a statement is with your home, and the easiest way is with interior paint. 2017 had tropical colors like green, as well as warm neutrals, and sophisticated caramel accents were popular as well. You’re looking at edgier colors this year though. Staying with the latest color pallets is even more important if you’re trying to sell your home. Giving your home a modern feel will make people fall in love with it. So, do you know what the hot colors for this year are?


Make a Statement with Turquoise

Turquoise is an excellent statement color that’s trending this year. There’s nothing demure about this color, so use it only for bold statements. What’s great about this color is that you can make an accent wall with it, as well as coloring entire rooms with it. If this isn’t the blue for you, there are plenty of other bold blues you can use.

Make Every Day a Sunny Day with Rich Yellows

Rich yellows, like goldenrod and similar shades, are perfect for a cheerful environment. If you want to create an organic and all-natural feeling, yellows are warm, and emphasize that mood perfectly. When you go for this, you’ll want to pair the color with cream and blue accents to finish the look.

Create a Sophisticated Environment with Blush

For a room such as a formal dining room, or an extra living space, you can make it feel elegant and sophisticated with a Blush color, like Graham & Brown’s Color of the Year pick, “Penelope”.  Additionally, this is a great color if you prefer neutral tones.

Try Rich Earth Tones in a Quiet Room

Keeping with the sophisticated look, you can go with earth tones like Valspar’s Charcoal Brown to create a relaxed look perfect for a quiet study or den. You can pair this color with muted red and green accents for the perfect relaxation room.

Go with a Vibrant and Deep Red for Busy Rooms

In rooms with a lot of activity, like the dining room or the living room, go with something vibrant like a deep red. Benjamin Moore’s color of the year is Caliente. Caliente is a lively shade of red that stands out beautifully. You can use the color across the room, or energize the room with a single accent wall in this shade.

There May Not Be Fifty of Them, But Shades of Purple are so Hot Right Now

Pantone’s color of the year choice is Ultra Violet, and it’s clear why. This is a color you can use to add energy to any room in your house. However, if you don’t want to go with a full purple room, try starting with accessories and smaller accents first.

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