Everyone in Southern California, whether selling a home or not, wants to have a front yard that is both beautiful, and easy to maintain. There is also a real need to conserve water in California. A great compromise for beauty, easy maintenance, and water consumption is a drought tolerant landscape.
Any Mar Vista realtor or Culver City real estate agent will tell you that a well thought out, planned and maintained landscape is a great hit for any realtor with Mar Vista homes for sale. And if it’s drought-tolerant as well, that makes a great point to talk about with potential homeowners when they are selling a home.
But how does someone create a drought-tolerant front yard for their home? A good garden or landscape is easy and fun to create, and is possible anywhere if you use a few water-savvy tips and use the right varieties of plants in your landscape. Obviously, a large, lush lawn may out of the question. But you can still grow edible and ornamental gardens in Southern California without breaking your water budget. Here are some great tips you can use to plan, create, and maintain your drought tolerant landscape:

Prepare Your Soil Beforehand

The best and most important way to start your drought tolerant landscape is to prepare your soil for low moisture. You can add generous amounts of rich, organic compost to help. Those who are planning on selling a home should start this as soon as possible.
You can easily make your own compost, or use bags of compost from your local hardware store. It is very important to add compost to your soil to greatly enhance what little water that the plants will get. This helps drought tolerant plants to survive better in an arid environment. This is especially true in the Culver City real estate market of Southern California.

Group Similar Plants Together

Plan in advance which plants you want in which location. If you’re only planning on having a portion of your front yard made drought tolerant, make sure that you keep those plants together to create a ‘low watering zone’ in your yard, as opposed to spreading them out among less drought tolerant plants. You can use a stainless steel trowel if you need to transplant and move small plants to keep them together.

Keep Those Pesky Weeds out

Every front lawn, whether or not you are selling a home, needs to be cleared of weeds to maintain a fresh appearance. However, with drought tolerant plants, weeds can actually end up hurting or killing your plants. Weeds will not only sap precious water from the soil faster than your drought tolerant plants, they will also compete with your plants for vital nutrients in the soil. In some cases, they can even compete for the light from the sun. Besides, weeding a garden can be fun, entertaining, and easy with the right tools, a little music, and a little imagination.

Grow Your Plants in Containers to Start

If you have more land than you wish to use for your drought-tolerant landscape, or just wish to have a small portion of your yard done, a good option for you to use are raised garden beds or using containers to hold your drought tolerant plants. Make sure your containers have sufficient drainage to reduce the risk of overwatering. This is true even if even if there will be little water present. With smaller, more concentrated areas for your plants, you won’t need to prepare or use nearly as much soil as for an entire yard. Make sure to mulch and de-weed your containers just as you would with a normal yard.

Make Sure You Water Properly

An important aspect of having a drought tolerant landscape is making sure you water it properly. This is especially true if you are selling a home and want it to look its best. You also won’t waste water or time. The best time to water is in the early morning before the sun rises. This allows water to seep into the soil and reduces the amount of water lost to evaporation. You can make a rain barrel to help water your plants. Even in Southern California, Mar Vista real estate sees at least some rain throughout the year. Every little drop you can collect will save you time and money. Plus, rain barrels are easy to make and install around your landscape.

Your Front Yard is Crucial to Selling a Home

If you are selling a home in Southern California, your outside yard is one of the first things a prospective buyer sees. A drought tolerant landscape will help you sell a home easier because there is less work overall in comparison with a green lawn. Other than occasional watering and weeding, a drought tolerant landscape is the perfect way to add beauty to your home, without a lot of maintenance. There are a wide variety of drought tolerant plants available, and many are native to California. So why not start planning a drought tolerant landscape for your Culver City real estate today? Your resources and your wallet will thank you for it in the long run.