Many people with homes for sale may have a gold mine sitting just above their heads. It’s so easy to let things slip away when you aren’t aware of how much they are worth. Many people find treasures worth thousands in their attics or basements when selling a home. Some have unearthed seemingly-mundane items that wound up as treasures worth a small fortune!

But you don’t need to get lucky finding a one-of-a-kind treasure like those people. There are plenty of items stashed away in the attics and basements of many homes for sale that could be worth a pretty penny. So, if you’re feeling like earning a little extra cash, then keep your eyes peeled for these items while doing your next cleaning of storage spaces:

Antique Furniture in Homes for Sale Worth Big Bucks

When it comes to valuables, antique furniture can be some of the most valuable pieces people find. Most pieces of furniture from older time periods have a rich story with it. It’s that story that helps make it more valuable. Old lounge, dining, or rocking chairs are great finds. Victorian style tables and trucks fetch big prices in auctions. Make sure to check with a qualified appraiser before selling big-ticket furniture items to make sure you know the full value and worth. You never know when that old truck may be worth tens of thousands.

Vintage Cards and Comics

If you were prudent enough to not get rid of your old comics or card collection, you might be in luck to earn some extra cash. Most people know that rare cards from sports, games, and other collections can net people lots of money. Manufacturers usually packaged cards in foil or paper wrappers. Those that are still packaged are worth even more in collectors’ eyes.

Old Books, Magazines, and Newspapers

Vintage books and magazines can also be hot ticket items. Most storage in homes for sale will usually contain at least one old magazine or book worthy of sale. Collectors will pay hundreds of dollars for rare books and vintage magazines in good condition. Unfortunately, as the printed material deteriorates, tears, or creases, its value decreases as well. However, if there is a signature from the author or other celebrity in the book or magazine, the value increases exponentially!

Obsolete Electronics Worth More Than You Think

You might be surprised to hear that your old brick phone people laughed at a few years ago is now worth some money. But it is not only vintage Motorola brick phones that collectors are looking for. Obsolete electronics of all kinds are being snapped up by collectors around the world. For those who happen to find them while cleaning up their homes for sale, they don’t seem like much. But old Game Boys, vintage Pong games, Sony Walkman cassette players, or Commodore 64 computers can net big bucks from a hungry collector. Even vintage appliances, like vintage toasters in retro-style colors, are making a comeback among collectors.

Retro Toys From Generations Past

Old toys from the 80s or before are fast becoming collectible treasures to fans of all ages. Old dolls, such as Barbie and cabbage patch kids can fetch hundreds of dollars. Lego, erector, and Lincoln log sets are valuable if clean and not damaged. Action figures from old series like Transformers and GI Joe also command high prices at online auctions. Board games in mint condition, especially old mainstream games like Monopoly or Parcheesi are worth a lot of money. The value of these items varies greatly depending on their condition. If they still remain inside their original (intact) boxes, their value increases by a quite a bit.

Old Silverware and Dish Sets Inside Homes for Sale

Silverware that comes from a well-known company such as, say, Tiffany or Gorham are great items to sell for a nice payoff. Generally, the older the silverware is, the higher price it will fetch. Monogrammed sets are especially worth a lot of money. And of course, the more complete the set is, the more valuable it will be. If the silver seems tarnished, a quick bath in ketchup can help to bring their shine back.

In a similar fashion, that “good China” that your grandmother used to use on special occasions may also fetch a high price in auctions. Most good china and dishware sits safely in cupboards and curios, which helps preserve their quality.

Rare Recordings From the Past

Vintage vinyl records, VHS tapes, custom cassettes and 8 tracks, or old reel-to-reels found in homes for sale can fetch a big price online. Generally, the fewer copies made, and the cleaner the copy is, the more money it is worth. But a recording doesn’t have to be older than you are to be worth money. Even some first-run laserdisc recordings are appealing to collectors.

Treasures Abound in the Storage Spaces of Homes for Sale

Next time you have the urge to clean out some of the things in your attic, you may want to keep an eye out for some of these items. Whether you are selling a home or just doing a little spring cleaning, you could find yourself looking back at a gold mine of vintage loot. Of course, if you’re cleaning up to be one of the many homes for sale in the Mar Vista area, call on George Chung to help with your home sale. George and his team of expert realtors have been the experts in the area for over 30 years. George and his team make selling a home easy. But, unfortunately, George can’t help you in cleaning up homes for sale – that part is up to you. Happy treasure hunting!