The fall is a season of cooler temperatures, yard sales, leaf-watching, apple-picking, and every dentist’s least favorite holiday, Halloween. The fall season is the perfect time for owners of homes for sale to invest some time to increase the value of their home. By taking on a home improvement project or two this fall, you can make the most of the brisk yet beautiful September and October days. It is rewarding to both yourself and the value of homes for sale by tackling a few fun weekend projects. While you’re at it, you can also start getting your home ready for the coming winter. Here are a few great suggestions for a good fall home improvement project new homes anywhere:

Add a Fresh Coat of Paint to Homes for Sale

If the outside of your home is ready for a new paint job, the fall season offers the best possible temperature conditions for painting. You don’t want to apply paint in the hot summer sun. Painting your house in the winter can be difficult, and cause issues in drying when it is colder outside. Unfortunately, for those with larger homes for sale, taking on a home painting project is a larger undertaking that may require the help of a professional.

If it’s too much to repaint your home completely, consider just repainting the front door. Since it is usually the focal point of homes for sale, just adding a new color is enough to give new homes a dramatic new look. A freshly painted front door helps homes for sale stand out. In addition, you can easily paint your front door in a single afternoon. Fall is usually the perfect time for painting, and even fresh paint on the front door will increase the value of homes for sale without a lot of effort.

Check Your Home Insulation and Air Sealing Before winter

The fall season is the perfect time to make sure your home is well insulated for the winter weather. Attics usually get too hot during the summer for you to take a look at your insulation. But during the fall, as the weather cools, it would be the perfect chance to make sure your attic’s insulation is not old and worn. A quick way to tell if you have enough insulation is to look for the attic floor joists. If the insulation is deep enough to where you cannot see the floor joists under the insulation, there is probably enough insulation in your attic.

Once you are done checking the insulation, you can also check for any other drafts or air leaks in homes for sale. Fall is an especially good time to check for leaks in caulking. This is because the cooler air makes it easier to find drafty places that need caulking. Another good method to check for leaks in homes for sale is to use a lit stick of incense. The smoke will blow wherever there is a draft, which makes it easy to find areas that could use a little more sealing.

Inspect and Take Care of Your Roof

The harsh cold of winter weather, combined with stormy winds and rain can quickly turn a small roof leak in homes for sale into a large one. It’s definitely a good idea to check for any issues with your home’s roof. If you can’t get up on the roof yourself to inspect it, hire a qualified professional. They can give your roof a thorough inspection at a minimal cost using drone technology. If you or your hired professional finds any issues in any homes for sale, the owners should consider fixing them in advance of wintertime. Your best bet is to hire an experienced, professional crew that can accurately assess the leak and fix problems quickly and safely.

Inspect or Install a New Fireplace in Homes for Sale

Fireplaces rank high for adding value in homes for sale. Installing one can add several thousand dollars to the value of new homes. If you’ve never had a fireplace before, you’ll definitely appreciate the cozy warmth and charm a fireplace brings to homes for sale. Since this is a larger task, you may want to have the assistance of a professional to help create the perfect fireplace for your home.

If you want the comfort and coziness of a fireplace, but don’t have the room inside homes for sale, consider building a fire pit instead. Who wouldn’t enjoy the idea of being able to sit outside next to a warm fire in your yard with friends, roasting hot dogs and marshmallows? Choose a flat, level spot in your yard away from trees or other vegetation. Most standard fire pits are 36 inches wide, so plan accordingly. Make sure to include extra room for seating, lighting, and any accessories for your fire pit. Finally, make sure there is a clear, lit, and unobstructed path to your new fire pit. There are several guides available to help you create the perfect outdoor fire pit for any homes for sale.

Plant a Tree to Save Energy and Increase the Value of New Homes

Trees become dormant over the fall season. Because of this, fall is usually a great time to plant a new tree in homes for sale. Because of their more dormant state, planting them in the fall is easier on their root systems. Take time to consider the best placement for your new tree. If you put it in the right location, you can use the tree as a windbreak during the wintertime. A tree will also provide lots of shade in the summer that you’ll appreciate more as the tree grows. Both of these help you save energy costs on heating and cooling. In addition to helping save energy, a healthy tree adds value to homes for sale as well.

Keep Homes for Sale in Top Shape for the Best Market Value

Having your home in good shape is a big plus when selling a home. But of course, it helps when you have a qualified real estate agent on your side. In the Mar Vista and Los Angeles areas, the best real estate professional around is George Chung. George and his team of professional realtors can help you in assessing the best home improvement projects to maximize your home’s value. With a few home improvement projects, any home for sale will be well prepared for the months ahead, and for the upcoming home sale.