While the drought in our state recedes, it hasn’t disappeared yet. After all these years of hearing about it, people are looking for drought tolerant landscapes. People even say that brown is the new green. But, you can’t just leave your lawn to wither and die. Before, you could add to your property value by tending beautiful green lawns. No longer, however, and now you could hurt your property value. If you’re going to sell your house, ask your realtor about this.

You Have to Approach Drought Tolerant Landscaping Properly

If you’re going to go for the drought tolerant landscape, you’re going to have to do more than just kill your lawn. You’re going to have a hard time trying to sell your house if you’ve got a dead lawn. A few years ago, in Sacramento, a homeowner even took a $9,000 reduction on his sale price because of it. Do your research, speak to landscaping professionals, and determine your vision before you get started.

You Can Keep Your Lawn, if You’re Watering Efficiently

If you use the right hardware and irrigation equipment, you can still keep your lawn. Drip irrigation systems with timers keep lawns green and reduce water use by 30%. You can get drip irrigation systems inexpensively, starting at $15. Another way to reduce your water use is watering at night.

Instead of Watering Differently, Sell Your House With Painted Grass

It might sound silly, but you can now simply paint your grass green. Lawn spray-painters will transform your dead looking, brown grass into beautiful, vibrant green grass with water or oil-based paints. Grass paint lasts between several weeks to a few months, binding to each blade individually. This could reduce your watering cost up to 75%, while still boosting your curb appeal.

You could hire a lawn painting company, like Xtreme Green SoCal, or you can buy your own bottles of lawn paint, and spruce up your lawn yourself.

Consider a Greywater System to Recycle Your Water

Even the most stalwart water conservationists aren’t giving up showers or washing their dishes. You’re probably not giving up these necessities either. Instead, you can install greywater equipment, and recycle water from your sink, washing machine, and shower into your toilets and irrigation systems. Of course, greywater systems are heavily regulated and you’ll want to check with your municipality to make sure you’re allowed.

Or, you could get rid of the Lawn Entirely, to Sell your Home

You may not realize just how much water your lawn is guzzling, even if you reduce your watering. The EPA estimates that outdoor water accounts for up to 60% of residential water use. This doesn’t mean, of course, that you’ll only go around planting cacti. You’ll need to talk to a landscaping professional about xeriscaping. You don’t just choose succulent plants to save water, you have to choose plants native to your region. This way, when you sell your home, you know that you’re not changing the local ecosystem.


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