In the ever-changing fashion world, it’s shocking to see design styles like Shabby Chic stay popular for as long as they have. Clearly, there are good reasons for it to stay in style. You can make any house feel like home using shabby chic design elements. Your realtor will tell you, if you’ve got your home for sale, it’s important that potential buyers feel at home when they come inside. So, what’s shabby chic you say? Read on to find out about one of the most stable design styles out there.

History of Shabby Chic

Shabby Chic started in Great Britain, and it focuses on evoking the type of decorations you’d find in large country houses. Damaged and ugly furniture still needs replacing, but you’ll want to keep worn furniture. Old paintwork and curtains combine with your furniture that looks heavily worn to create an unassuming good taste. The World of Interiors magazine coined the term in the 1980s. However, Americans waited until the 90s to popularize it.

People also call it Cottage Chic, Beach Cottage Chic, French Country, and in Swedish, Gustavian. This style was popular among modern Bohemians and artisans in the 1980s as part of a counter culture movement against the expensive quality décor that was fashionable in the upper middle classes.

So, Why Use Shabby Chic with Your Home for Sale?

Shabby Chic is an excellent style to target if you’re staging your house because it creates an intimate environment. It’s easy to picture yourself living in a home for sale when the furniture is all well-loved and inviting. Additionally, because you’re not going for expensive and pristine designer furniture, you can save a lot of money, which is key with a home for sale. You can pick up your furniture at yard sales and thrift stores, which could save thousands.

Finally, if you like to take on crafting projects, shabby chic is another way you can get involved in your home for sale. You can pick up pieces and then imitate wear by distressing the furniture to get exactly the look you’re going for.

Tips for Staging Your Home for Sale in Shabby Chic

  • Whites and pastels offer a great backdrop with shabby chic. This way, the worn look of your furniture stands out.
  • Don’t overdo the distressed furniture. If you overdo it on distressed furniture, you’ll end up with a bunch of junk, not an inviting home.
  • You want worn, not broken. You don’t want a house full of broken furniture. Your furniture should look like you’ve used it over the years, but you’ve still taken care of it.
  • Use vintage decorations. Hang old paintings, and use vintage knick knacks to accent your rooms, and really make the shabby chic pop.


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