With your new home, you get to enjoy one of the most exciting benefits of home ownership: hosting family and friends for your holiday dinners! Now that you’ve gotten through the holidays, you may have seen some of the challenges as well as the joys. Here you’ll read some tips to make your next hosting a time no one will forget. Hosting is as fun as attending, and with this advice from your local realtor, you’ll have as much fun as your guests.

Start Planning Before You Start Planning

If you wait to the last minute you’ll take a bath in unnecessary stress, even in your new home. Nothing is worse than running to the grocery store the day before the holiday to pick up last minute pieces. If you come up with a menu of what you’ll be cooking, you can gather the recipes and create a shopping list to get your ingredients with plenty of time to get ready. In addition to having time to prepare your food, you also have time to make sure your menu works with your guests’ dietary preferences and needs. Remember, you’ll also need to plan enough chairs, plates, cups, and silverware. Finally, for the big day, create a to-do list with tasks you need to get done on the day of your dinner.

Bring Back the Punch Bowl, and Spike It Again

Cocktails make every party better. However, if you set up a bar in your new home, you may not achieve the feel you’re going for. Instead, you can fill a punch bowl with your favorite cocktail. Dedicate a small table to the bowl, cups, ice, and garnishments. If you’re having trouble thinking of what cocktail you’ll want, consider sparkling pomegranate punch, or maybe some hot cranberry punch.

Make Your Own Centerpieces

Do-it-yourself centerpieces aren’t just a cost saving piece. You can really show your creative side through your centerpieces and your new home. You can spend hours on Pinterest looking at ideas to make your own centerpiece, something that you can use to show your own voice. Be sure you place your creations symmetrically on your tables. Additionally, you want to make centerpieces that are low enough that people can still have conversations at the table.

Try to make your centerpieces coordinate with the holidays. For Thanksgiving, you can use bowls full of seasonal items like pumpkins and pinecones. For your Christmas dinners, you could use festive branches and wreathes, tree ornaments, or anything you think evokes the feeling of Christmas. With the money you save, you can spend that money on gifts, or other costs of hosting the dinner. Even with saving so much money, you’ll still have centerpieces that everyone will want a picture of. Fill your new home with items of the same theme to set your centerpieces off.

Relax and Enjoy Your Dinner

Once the time has come and your dinner is at hand, you need to remember to relax. Enjoy your company, and remember that they’re there to have a good time with you, not your dinner. Don’t stress the small things. If something goes off the rails, don’t worry, you can improvise. Be sure to grab one of your cocktails and talk with your family and friends.


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