A beautiful outdoor kitchen means many great things to different people. For some, it represents the height of entertaining luxury. For others, they enjoy the thrill of flipping burgers in the beautiful afternoon sun.  Still others like relaxing or sipping wine while a pizza bakes over a hot fire. Some dream of relaxing under the stars while cooking s’mores with friends. Any way you look at it, an outdoor kitchen is a great addition to homes for sale.  It makes a great place to spend time with friends and is a great addition to add value when selling a home.

Whether you are dreaming of installing a rustic outdoor brick oven, beautiful open air granite counter tops, or a sleek line of stainless steel kitchenware, adding an outdoor kitchen substantially extends the living and entertaining space of homes for sale. Most realtors agree that an outdoor kitchen adds great value to homes for sale.  It provides a great selling point when selling a home. Here are a few tips that you can use when building your dream outdoor kitchen:

Pre-Planning Now Saves Trouble Later

As you begin to plan for your new outdoor kitchen, there are several important considerations to keep in mind. Make sure to make lists and take notes along the way for later, and plan each step of your outdoor kitchen properly. If you are planning on adding electricity or plumbing to your outdoor kitchen, these must also be taken into consideration. You may need a professional contractor and permits to add electricity and plumbing if the outdoor kitchen is not near the main house.

Location, Location, Location

Firstly, think about where you want to locate your space. Ideally, experts in selling a home recommend that it should be close to your front or back door. However, some homes for sale have an outdoor kitchen in a secluded area in their yard. If you do decide to locate your outdoor kitchen away from your home, make sure to have a well-lit, paved, and clear path leading to it. You will also need access to electricity for your appliances and water for your outdoor kitchen sink.

Taking Space Into Consideration

Once you have selected the area you wish to use for your outdoor kitchen, consider how you’ll use the space. First of all, you will need sufficient room to move around and cook in. You will also want space for entertaining your guests. If you are designing a fire pit or other island, you will need sufficient space around it to allow space to enjoy the heat and flames.

The Right Appliances for the Perfect Outdoor Kitchen

You should also consider what outdoor appliances you’ll need and how they will all hold up to the elements. Even if you are planning on selling a home in the near future, you should still remember that the appliances need to last for years afterward. This is why it is important that you check several online and other resources to find quality outdoor kitchen appliances.  Remember that you may need to attach them to electrical, gas, or water outlets, so plan accordingly.

Make Your Outdoor Kitchen a Welcome Place for Your Guests

When designing the guest area for your outdoor kitchen, weather should be one of your primary considerations. If you are not protected against inclement weather such as the sun or the wind, your outdoor kitchen may not be as appealing as it could be. Consider the inclement weather around your home throughout the year, and plan on protecting your outdoor kitchen space accordingly. This may mean installing fans or windbreaks or adding an umbrella or sunshade.

Making the Outdoor Kitchen a Point to Remember When Selling a Home

You can also add several extra amenities to personalize your outdoor kitchen. After all, an outdoor kitchen is more than a selling point when selling a home. It also provides a great opportunity to enjoy the outdoor weather while still keeping the comforts of your indoor space nearby. Incorporate outdoor furniture that really makes the space special. Tables, chairs, and decorative objects can complete the look of your outdoor kitchen. Specialty lighting will help brighten up the look of any outdoor kitchen as well.

When it comes to outdoor furniture, you will want to choose pieces that will last a while and withstand the elements well. Add comfortable outdoor cushions that you can remove and wash separately. Chairs that also stack will help you save space later on when it comes time to prepare the outside for winter weather. For extra ambiance, you can also add a small pond or fountain to your outdoor kitchen area. These add a natural and relaxing ambiance to your outdoor kitchen. You can even include a TV or music system to your outdoor kitchen area. These additions really make your outdoor kitchen a place to cook, eat, relax and entertain. However, it is important to shield electrical elements from the elements- especially rain and dew. These can corrode and ruin electrical connections.

An Outdoor Kitchen Looks Great When Selling a Home

Spring and Autumn are usually the best times to enjoy a backyard BBQ and cooking in an outdoor kitchen. However, a really well-designed outdoor kitchen should allow you to enjoy relaxing with guests and cooking outside any time of the year. And as mentioned before, incorporating outdoor kitchens in homes for sale can be a great way to add versatility, value, and fun to your home, and is a great selling point when selling a home.

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