It used to be if you’re selling your house you needed to hide your pets. Your realtor would tell you that signs of your pet could turn off potential buyers. No one has figured out exactly why people are becoming friendlier to pet-friendly homes, but they definitely are.

One of the reasons your fluffy companion can help you sell your house might just be how many more people in America own pets. New research has shown around 68% of American households have pets now. In fact, Millennials are even buying houses because of their pets.

Of course, just having pets won’t be enough. You’ll still need to hide any messes they make and stage your home to look perfect. Here you’ll find advice to optimize your pets’ presence for each area of your home. Selling your house without making sure you’ve staged it properly can make things much more difficult.

Start at the Entryway

The first thing you’ll show potential buyers when you’re selling your house is the entryway. You won’t find a lot of opportunities to add your pet here, but this is where you can show off your attractive leash. Hang your leash from a hanger on the wall to immediately signal to your buyer that this home is good for pets.

However, you have to make sure the leash is attractive. If your dog’s leash is old and worn out, you should consider buying a new one. If your leash is made of canvas, or another kind of fabric, you might be able to bring it back to life with a trip through the washer and dryer.

Move on to the Living Room

The living room is a great place to show that your house is also your pet’s home. While you usually won’t want to keep framed pictures of your family up, pictures of your pets are actually great. Your family photos can make the space feel owned already, and keep buyers from thinking about your house like it’s their home. That won’t do if you’re trying to sell! However, pets are less personal and suggest that your house is a space for all types.

In addition to photos of your furry family members, if you have cats, the living room is a great place to keep a scratching post that’s in good condition. Remember, however, good condition is important. If your scratching post is all worn out and ragged, it won’t look good.

If You’re Selling Your House, You Can’t Forget the Kitchen

The kitchen is a place for everyone in your family, and that includes your pets. You can use a cute container for treats as an accent on a counter. If you’re using basic water and food bowls, consider upgrading to decorative bowls, perhaps bowls that match your kitchen’s design.

Show How Your Pets Live in Your Bedroom Too

In your Bedroom, you can show how your pets sleep. You can use something like a faux sheepskin rug as a spot for your pet to curl up in bed. If you’ve got a new, or at least good condition pet bed or basket, these are also good to display. However, if your pet’s bed is well-worn, hide it away.

Finally, Your Pet’s Footprint in the Backyard

This part is particularly important if you have dogs. It might seem obvious, but make sure there is not one bit of poop in the backyard. People love their pets, but no one loves poop. If you’re trying to sell your house, start treating your backyard like a public space. Take your dog out and clean up the poop as soon as they do their business.

If you also keep a dog house outside, make sure it looks as nice as your home. Give it a nice coat of lightly colored paint, and make sure there’s nothing falling off. You’ll want lighter colors because darker colors absorb heat. Your dog won’t want to sleep in a sauna.

In Every Room, get Rid of Hair and Odors

While little visual cues help with selling your house, odors and hair will not. So, you’ll need to take a lint roller to your cat’s favorite perch and use deodorizing litter in the box. If your house smells faintly of dog, it will turn off potential buyers, so be sure to use a deodorizing spray to get rid of that smell. Use deodorizing sprays though, not just air scents. Making your rooms smell like dog and roses isn’t better than just dog.

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