Real estate agents helping the communityGeorge Chung: “I wish I would have had this when I was in school! I feel like it would have greatly helped me discover my passions and encouraged me to pursue them. Please help us support this amazing program!”

About the Studio Lab:

>Since 2010 the Studio Lab at Walgrove Elementary has been encouraging Kindergarten through fifth graders with hands-on learning to theorize, test and explore in a creative and challenging environment.

Realtors involved in the communityPrincipal Olivia Adams explains, “Studio Lab is a project-based learning space which utilizes the integration of many areas in a single project through STEAM, which stands for science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics. In Studio Lab students work collaboratively to use materials to solve challenges and document their learning.” Until now, the Studio lab’s $70,000 annual budget has been supported through financial contributions by the Booster Club, Friends of Walgrove. However with cutbacks school wide the Lab was no exception. Students who used to attend Studio Lab weekly are only allowed to attend monthly and supplies are sparse. Please help us, any contribution is greatly appreciated!

Designed as a place for students to develop, test and document their ideas and theories by using a variety of materials through projects that are relevant, engaging and challenging. The pedagogy of Studio Lab is one of connections between areas of study, as well as making connections to the real world applications of the disciplines studied and practiced.